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Kahului Airport (OGG)
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Kahului Airport (OGG)
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How Car Rental Maui Works

You can rest assured knowing that your car was carefully inspected before put into service. The team at Makoa Rental Car Maui is committed to excellence and works hard to exceed your expectations.

Make a Reservation Online
No deposit and your car is guaranteed!

Arrive at Kahului Airport
Anytime, day or night.

Check Your Phone
Find your pickup instructions link.

Walk to Your Car & Drive Away
No waiting in line and no shuttle ride.

Best Priced Maui Car Rental

  • No deposit required
  • No young drivers fee
  • Long term rental car Maui
  • Discount for returning costumers
  • Military discount
  • Cheap Maui car rental
  • No cancellation fee up to 5 days prior
  • We accept debit and credit cards
  • Pay up to 50% less

Exceptional Customer Service

  • 5 stars on Google and Yelp
  • Your car is guaranteed
  • 100% local business
  • Speak to a real person (808) 866-0286
  • Free booking
  • Book your Maui car rental online
  • No waiting in line at the airport
  • OGG airport pickup & return

Newer Better Cleaner Rentals

  • Unlimited miles
  • Unlimited drivers – Easy to add
  • We can accommodate late arrivals
  • Baby seats & boosters available
  • 21 and older pays the same
  • Family owned and operated
  • Maui airport pickup & return 24/7
  • Add rental beach chairs & coolers
  • Rental Sedan, SUV, Minivan & Truck

About Car Rental Maui

Makoa Rental Car Maui is a family owned and operated rental car company, Located in Kahului, Maui, Hawai’i.

Your experience is our main focus. With a variety of comfortable vehicles, personal customer service, hassle free Maui airport pickup and return, combined with unbeatable prices, here, you will get the best value for your money.

Choose us and skip the long lines, airport shuttles and high prices of the international companies. Support our local business and receive personal customer service, we are here on Maui for you. Give us a call to speak with a real person +1808-866-0286.

Car Rental Maui
Car rental Maui

Whether you need a roomy minivan for your family, a full size/midsize sedan, an SUV or a Pickup truck, we’ve got them all!

We will GO the extra mile to accommodate your needs and make sure you have the best Maui vacation possible. No deposit upon booking and we guarantee your rental car.

Free cancellation up to 5 days prior to your arrival. No charge for extra drivers and no young drivers fee. Military discount, long term car rental maui discount and the lowest rates at the Kahului Airport. READ MORE

5 Stars on Google, Yelp and Facebook!

Why choose us?

Makoa Rental Car Maui stands as a premier rental car company in Maui, presenting competitive rates and outstanding service.

Recognized as one of Maui’s most reliable rental car enterprises, Makoa Rental Car prioritizes the provision of dependable and cost-effective transportation solutions for customers seeking to traverse the captivating island of Maui.

If a reasonably priced Maui car rental is what you’re after, your search ends at Makoa Rental Car. Our expansive fleet of rental cars, competitively priced, ensures you find the vehicle that aligns perfectly with your budget and travel requirements. From compact cars, roomy SUVs, sturdy pickup trucks to spacious minivans for family vacations, we’ve got you covered.

At Makoa Rental Car Maui, we set the bar high when it comes to customer service. Our approachable, well-informed team stands ready to answer any inquiries and assist you in selecting the right car for your journey.

For added convenience, we provide easy pickup and drop-off services at the Maui Airport (OGG), ensuring your vacation begins the moment you disembark from the aircraft.

So, when planning a trip to Maui, ensure Makoa Rental Car is your go-to for all rental car needs. Given our competitive rates, personalized service, and user-friendly pickup and drop-off process, we’re the superior choice for your Maui car rental.


Pay Now or Pay Later Either Way Your Car is Guaranteed.

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Best car rental Maui

Your holiday destination, you’ll find the best options for your transport needs. If you’re seeking the ‘best car rental Maui’, we provide a range of affordable vehicles for your convenience. Our company prides itself on offering ‘cheap car rental Maui’ without compromising on service quality. Choose with us and relish the beauty of Maui in a high-quality, affordable rental car.

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